Already 21 thousand 405 Beninese fully vaccinated –

In Benin, as everywhere else, the new coronavirus remains a health problem. On July 26, the Benin Ministry of Health released statistics on the disease. The table showed 8 thousand 394 positive cases, including 8 thousand 136 cured, 150 patients in treatment and 108 deaths. The vaccination campaign that began last March is still ongoing and, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), 21,000 405 people have already been fully vaccinated.

In percentage terms, only 0.2% of the Beninese population is fully vaccinated, which is still a long way from the goal of the Beninese authorities, but the country is on the right track, as the WHO interim representative in Benin recently stated. In fact, the country plans to immunize 40% of its population against the terrible Covid-19 virus by the end of this year 2021, according to the WHO official. 70,323 vaccine doses have already been administered.

Vaccination is not mandatory, but …

It must be said that there is no compulsory vaccination in the Republic of Benin, but the government encourages citizens to get vaccinated. He even plans to make vaccinations mandatory for people who want to attend festive events and large gatherings. The organizers of cultural and sporting events are therefore invited to draw the participants’ attention to these events.

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