An app wants to make divorce easier in the United States –

Living together is not always easy. And when you are married and children are born from this union, it sometimes happens that the couple faces difficulties. In some cases, the couple manages to reach an agreement and resolve their point of disagreement, but in other cases the situation becomes so unbearable that the couple contemplates divorce.

This procedure requires costs that, depending on the case, may seem exorbitant when the couple is not well prepared. As the law is not always known, it is generally necessary to seek an attorney to carry out and supervise the proceedings. To provide information solutions to the couple and reduce the costs related to the procedure, a young American company based in California has developed an application: Hello Divorce.

A very big market

In addition to the section that provides information on divorce legislation, the application offers support in the process (legal assistance and follow-up) that could amount to up to $ 2,000. Thanks to this solution, you no longer need a lawyer and everything can be arranged remotely. An enormous saving of time that will also allow to considerably reduce the costs of the procedures. According to our sources, divorces in the United States can cost up to $ 17,500 and divorces are estimated at around 750,000 each year. So it is in a very large market valued at $ 50 billion a year that the young company will navigate. The service is currently only available in the US according to our sources.

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