an inhalation vaccine under development in China

In China, a group of researchers confirmed reports that they are currently working on a vaccine to be taken by inhalation. This is because the Covid-19 virus targets the lungs and airways directly. By attacking these vital organs, the vaccine could lead to faster treatment.

An idea that is shared all over the world. In fact, many laboratories are currently working on the question of an inhalation vaccine. In China, however, the issue is most advanced. Indeed, a team of researchers led by a recognized epidemiologist, Chen Wei, appears to be on the verge of reaching a final solution.

An inhalation vaccine soon to be confirmed?

The one who is also a member of the Academy of Military Sciences stated that her team organized clinical trials that are supposed to be conclusive. The aim is to achieve “mucosal immunity”. The particles in the vaccine actually strengthen the lining of the lungs and prevent the vaccine from growing there.

China announces good progress in this area

Doing so would therefore reduce the risk of contracting the disease, turning it into a serious form, and possibly transmitting it. However, the results are still unknown. In fact, no percentage of success or information on these clinical trials has been filtered. It will therefore be necessary to show a little more patience.

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