an “unknown strain” variant discovered in Rwanda

Rwanda is not spared from the new coronavirus (Covid-19), which has raged the world for more than a year. In fact, authorities have announced that there are six variants of the virus in the country, including the highly contagious variant Delta and an unknown strain.

Most of the cases in Kigali

During a speech on public television, Daniel Ngamije, Rwanda’s Minister of Health, said: “We have confirmed the presence of six variants of Covid-19, including Delta, Alpha, Beta, Epsilon and Eta, as well as an unknown strain that is currently the subject of a study is”. He added that the vast majority of new cases were due to the Delta variant, “which first appeared in India”. Note that the minister said during his speech that the screening tests carried out over the past ten days have confirmed that most cases are found in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, as more than half of the new contamination is concentrated there alone.

As these new contaminations escalated, authorities decided to tighten restrictions by announcing the prolongation of detention in nine cities including Kigali on Sunday, July 25, 2021. The measure now ends on July 31st.

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