Apple and Google’s monopoly on apps threatened by a bill

In the latest sign of growing political will to undo the dominance of big tech companies over small developers on Wednesday, a bipartisan group of senators introduced legislation to regulate Google and Apple app stores. In all respects, if enacted, the bill could fundamentally change the way smartphone apps work by forcing companies with large app stores, such as Apple and Google, to allow people to download apps outside of stores and give users the option to install alternative app stores. .

A dangerous bill, according to Apple and Google

The bill seeks to ban Apple and Google from requiring developers to use their integrated payment systems. Something that was seriously compromising the income that companies obtain from purchase commissions within the application. The law would also prohibit companies from giving special preference to their own applications in search results and would prohibit those companies from extracting data from applications to create their own competing products. Benefits, therefore, all to the benefit of independent developers and other startups working in the field.

But for Apple and Google, because “their app stores allowed developers and customers to connect securely and offered options for developers and customers”; this law would be a detrimental distortion for consumers. Et pour Chamber of Progress, an American commercial group that represents the technological enterprises, which is “a doigt dans l’œil de which to buy an iPhone or an Android car the telephones and leurs boutiques d’applications aret sûrs, reliable and easy to use “.

In fact, this position of dominance, which US lawmakers have been trying to fight for a long time, has been highlighted following complaints from Epic Games, video game designer and creator of the popular game “Fortnite.” In August of last year, “Fortnite” attempted to offer customers an alternative payment method to avoid Apple’s mandatory commission, prompting Apple to remove the video game from its App Store, a move that ‘Epic ruled was anti-competitive. .

So, according to Richard Blumenthal, a Democratic senator and one of the three senators behind the bill, “this legislation will break down the coercive anti-competitive walls in the app economy, giving consumers more choice and small businesses.” to struggle “.

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