Apple fixes flaw exploited by Israeli company NSO

According to an announcement made this Monday by the Apple brand, the flaw that exploited the Pegasus spyware has been corrected. This mechanism, which was created by the Israeli company NSO, allowed it to exploit the weaknesses of iMessage to hack devices without even the owner having clicked on a link or some deceptive tool. The flaw will be corrected by an update in accordance with the announcement made by the Apple brand.

We note that the updates pertain to the iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch, running iOS 14.8, watchOS 7.6.2, iPad OS 14.8, and macOS 11.6. “Apple is aware of a report on the fact that this flaw could be exploited,” the US company published in its note made public on Monday. Based on the details of the apple brand, Citizen Lab researchers spotted the flaw.

Israeli society reportedly took advantage of the loophole

It was a device that belonged to a Saudi activist. The device was trapped through iMessage, Apple’s messaging system. The Israeli company would be taking advantage of this loophole for several months according to details provided by Citizen Lab researchers. Note that Morocco was accused a few weeks ago of having taken advantage of this software to spy on various leaders.

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