Apple makes a historic decision

After several months of pressure, Apple will obviously make concessions to mobile app publishers. In fact, the Apple brand will allow them to offer their users means of payment outside the App Store. The announcement was made on Thursday. We mainly remember that the California-based company has changed several rules of its application store.

According to the information emanating from this situation, the apple brand is considering drawing a line in part of its remuneration system. The remuneration system consisted of discounting 30% of the purchases of services made in an application. This percentage will drop to 15%. It takes into account annual subscription renewals and publishers making less than $ 1 million in annual revenue from their apps.

Soon the end of the trial?

Those grants could end the lawsuit that has been ongoing for some time if the California court approves them. “Developers will be able to share offerings with users outside of their iOS applications,” the California group said. More specifically, applications will be able to reach their users by email to inform them that they can subscribe to a subscription or pay for a non-application service.

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