Apple presents its iPhone 13, the fastest smartphone on the market

American electronics giant Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 and a new iPad Mini on Tuesday, expanding 5G connectivity and showcasing faster chips and sharper cameras. The iPhone 13 will have a new chip called A15 Bionic that will boost features like automatic detection when the phone’s camera is pointing at text and will be available in five colors. This processor is sold as the most efficient on the market. It would be 50% faster compared to the competition.

Although the Cupertino, California-based company hasn’t announced any successful features or products, analysts expect customers clinging to older models like the iPhone X to be eager to try the update. Apple said the iPhone 13 will have 5G antennas and custom radio components for faster speeds and will be available in five colors. It should also be noted that the phone runs on iOS15, the latest version of Apple’s operating system.

The Series 7 smartwatch

The iPhone 13 Pro starts at $ 999 and the Pro Max starts at $ 1,099, with trade-in offers up to $ 1,000. All three models will be available on September 24. “The competition continues to catch up with our chips, not just last year, but even two years ago,” said Kaiann Drance, Apple iPhone marketing manager. The 7 Series smartwatch that was also unveiled will feature a larger screen and faster charging. It will start at $ 399 and will be available later this fall.

“Nothing really revolutionary”

The company also updated its iPad Mini with 5G connectivity and a redesigned design that makes it look like the higher-end iPad Air and Pro models. Apple also updated its base iPad with a new camera for working and learning from home. The base iPad model starts at $ 329 and the Mini starts at $ 499. Both will be available next week. Overall according to analysts, “It looks like nothing really groundbreaking is being announced, but of course, as usual, they’ve announced enough enhancements to at least generate some buzz among consumers,” said Rick Meckler, partner in the Cherry Lane family. Investments investment office.

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