Apple’s confession about the sound of certain smartphones

The famous Apple brand recently recognized a problem affecting several of its iPhone 12 and 12 Pro smartphones. In fact, in these models, the firm noted that a limited number of smartphones had defects, due to the possible failure of a component of the receiver module. To solve this problem, Apple has launched a program, for which it will be necessary to fulfill several conditions.

The program is accessible for free.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max and 12 mini are not affected by this program. To participate in it, the user of iPhone 12 or 12 pro must first notice that their device does not emit sound while making or receiving calls. Also, this program to fix this problem is available for free. According to the Apple site, when a user is faced with this problem, they must first go to an authorized center to ask about their problem. However, the brand specifies that all data needs to be backed up to iCloud, before any repairs are carried out.

The smartphone with a sound problem must also be in good general condition and must not have any visible damage. However, Apple does not mention the serial numbers of the affected iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. The apple brand further emphasizes that the program is valid for two years after the first retail marketing of the product.

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