Argentina | A provincial MP was shot and wounded in the middle of the election campaign

(Buenos Aires) A ​​member of the Corrientes provincial parliament in northeast Argentina was shot in the abdomen Thursday during an electoral meeting ahead of the election scheduled for Sunday.

Posted on Aug 27, 2021 at 11:50 am

The author of the recording was not arrested.

“Political violence is unacceptable in the rule of law. The provincial government must clarify the matter quickly and punish those responsible, ”tweeted Argentina’s center-left President Alberto Fernandez on Friday.

Miguel Arias, a veterinarian and father of five, was shot dead while standing on the stage with other leaders at an election rally in Tapebicua, a town of 4,000 people around 50 km from the Brazilian border, attended by around 50 people participated.

Rushed to the hospital, he had an operation and was in stable condition on Friday, according to medical sources.

Voters from two of Argentina’s 23 provinces will be called to the polls on Sunday. In Corrientes, the deputies and the governor of the province and the mayors of 57 municipalities need to be renewed.

Miguel Arias is a member of the Frente de Todos, the center-left coalition of President Fernandez, which is in opposition to Corrientes, where an alliance of center-right parties led by former President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) rules.

Corrientes Governor Gustavo Valdés, favorite in the polls for his re-election, condemned the attack on Twitter: “In a democratic society, violence is never an option,” he wrote.

Argentina is organizing the decisive parliamentary elections for Alberto Fernandez’s government on November 14th, in which half of the Chamber of Deputies and a third of the Senate will be renewed.

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