Argentina | A “stone march” against the President’s breach of containment

(Buenos Aires) Relatives of COVID-19 victims demonstrated in Buenos Aires on Monday against President Alberto Fernandez, who was surprised a year ago to celebrate in full captivity by placing hundreds of stones with the names of the pandemic dead in front of the palace resigned the head of state.

Posted on 8/16/2021 9:37 PM

This “stone march” was organized after the dissemination of a photo of President Fernandez celebrating his wife’s birthday with a dozen guests in July 2020, while all gatherings were banned because of the pandemic and even funeral ceremonies were banned.

“I have come to bring the stones for my 31 year old niece and her 58 year old uncle. The president did what he wanted while we obeyed, ”protester Miriam Deleppe told AFP.

“We did everything the president asked and did the opposite of what had to be done. Now is the time for anger, disapproval, and silence. In the end it all pays for itself and one day he has to pay the bill, ”said another protester, Raquel Corts, and laid his stone in front of“ Casa Rosada ”, the residence of the Argentine President.

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed more than 109,000 lives in Argentina, according to official figures. In a country of 43.5 million people, more than five million Argentines are infected with the coronavirus.

The recent publication of the photo of Alberto Fernandez celebrating the First Lady’s birthday has sparked a wave of allegations in Argentina. In the middle of the general election campaign in November, the opposition threatened impeachment proceedings.

The president made amends on Friday. “It was a mistake, I accept it and beg your pardon,” he explained and ruled out leaving power.

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