Artificial meat 3D printed by Japanese scientists

In Japan, researchers have succeeded in creating artificial beef. In fact, the information was made public through a press release. These are the Osaka University scientists who accomplished this feat based on 3D bioprinting technology. They also used stem cells. The result is that they managed to create a piece of Wagyu beef.

This artificial meat is made up of muscle, blood vessels and fat “joined together to make it look like a classic steak.” In fact, it is a 5 by 10 millimeter meat. It consists of 72 fibers comprising 42 muscles, 28 fatty tissues and two capillary blood vessels according to a study published in the journal “Nature.”

Useful in the field of livestock farming

In total, the specialists will have chosen two types of bovine stem cells. The latter would be known for multiple cells in the laboratory. The results of the study did not fail to delight the authors. For the latter, it would now be possible to manufacture artificial meat with characteristics that precisely respond to the tastes of each client. The research could also be useful in the field of raising cattle for the butcher shop.

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