Asbestos Cement Pipe Market to Witness Rise in Revenues During the Period 2017 – 2025:Persistence Market Research

Asbestos Cement pipe Market: Introduction

Asbestos Cement pipes are strong, noncorrosive and light pipes made from mixture of Asbestos Fiber (Asbestos is a natural substance found underground in the form of rock) and Portland cement. Asbestos are recovered by rock crushing and mining for commercial cement pipes. Asbestos are used on cement pipes to increase flexibility and strength of pipes. 

Asbestos Cement pipe are classified into Non pressure, pressure and cable protective types. Non Pressure asbestos Cement pipes are generally used in construction & wiring fencing, drainage systems and in chimneys. Pressure Asbestos Cement pipes are used for transportation of industrial & drinking water (hot or cold), ventilation, water supply and garbage disposal etc.

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Cable protective Asbestos Cement pipes have high resistance toward heat, alkali and acid resistance and better heat dissipation. Cable protective Asbestos Cement pipes have life cycle over a decade and commonly used in concrete encapsulation, sidewalks, highways etc.

Asbestos fiber is stronger as compared to steel, and thermal coefficient of cement and asbestos matches hence providing three dimensional homogeneous microscopic reinforcement in Asbestos cement thus it can withstand more water pressure than normal concrete pipe of same thickness.

Asbestos cement pipes are highly resistive to corrosion and commonly used in water work systems, drainage systems and in gas lines. Asbestos pipes have long life cycle, high crushing strength and are robust. Hence, Asbestos pipes can be used under heavy traffic and external loads.

Asbestos Cement pipes consumes negligible amount of energy in manufacturing and also don’t deplete natural resources. Once jointed and properly laid, asbestos cement pipes do not need any maintenance or replacement as they are erosion free.

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Asbestos Cement pipe Market: Dynamics

Asbestos Cement pipe Market is expected to see potential growth in coming year owing to growing oil and gas industry. Developing Infrastructure in developing countries is the primary key in demand of Asbestos cement pipes as these constructions call for better sewage and drainage systems hence giving a significant boost to Asbestos Cement pipe market.

Asbestos cement pipes have life cycle of half decade to a decade and lakhs of already installed asbestos cement pipes are reaching end of their life cycle and will required to be replaced. Hence increasing the demand of Asbestos Cement pipe Market.  

Nowadays, Cable protective Asbestos Cement pipes are more in demand in Construction sector as they easy to install, cost effective, easy to replace and have the long life cycle thus driving the market of asbestos cement pipe.

However, Asbestos cement pipes market growth is being decelerated due to ban of asbestos in certain countries owing to hazardous effects related with its manufacturing and end use. The availability of substitute materials with reduced hazardous content, superior durability and cheaper in procurement is also responsible in deterring the use of asbestos cement pipe to a certain extent. 

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