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A “like” under a homophobic caricature is enough to stand in the way of a civil servant career. A court sees this as clear proof of a lack of tolerance and neutrality.

Aachen (dpa / lnw) – With an “like” under a homophobic caricature, an aspiring federal police officer has deprived himself of his career as a civil servant.

The “messages” and “likes” in social networks can cast doubt on the suitability of the character for the post of federal police officer, the administrative court of Aachen decided after notification on Friday (Az.: 1 L 480/21).

The man had already received confirmation of employment with the federal police when his internet activities came to light. For example, the applicant “likes” a cartoon showing a man wiping his buttocks with a rainbow flag.

The applicant himself posted the notification of a driving ban imposed on him on the Internet and provided him with a “middle finger emoji”. As a result, the employment engagement was revoked.

The man defended himself against this in court. In vain: even the “like” under the cartoon with the rainbow flag was enough to raise doubts about the suitability of his character, the court ruled. The police profession is particularly characterized by contacts with people of different ethnic origins, religions, ideologies and sexual orientations.

With his “Like”, the Applicant has shown that he lacks the tolerance and neutrality necessary to perform his official duties regardless of the person. The federal police are no longer bound by the employment commitment. An appeal against the decision can always be lodged with the Higher Administrative Court in Münster.

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