Astra Zeneca vaccine back in vaccination centers

Good news for Beninese waiting for their second dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine. The solution is now available in vaccination centers. It was the Minister of Health who gave the information in a press release released on Tuesday, September 28. “People waiting for their second dose, as well as anyone wishing to be vaccinated (Astra-Zeneca vaccine is requested), should go to the nearest vaccination site,” read the note signed by Minister Benjamin Hounkpatin.

The second dose does not affect …

It must be said that many Beniners were vaccinated with the first dose of the British vaccine. When the stock ran out, others preferred to take a different vaccine among those available as a second dose, notably Sinovac and Johnson & Johnson. The Minister advises these people not to take a second dose of Astra Zeneca.

Remember that the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 began in Benin in March 2021. The initially shy populations begin to get vaccinated. For its part, the government is trying to make vaccines available. Today the population is offered no less than 4 vaccines. Only the Russian solution, the V-Sputnik, is missing.

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