AstraZeneca’s preventive treatment would be effective, according to the laboratory

After overcoming many challenges with its vaccine, drug maker AstraZeneca has shown that its long-acting antibody drug reduces the risk of symptomatic coronavirus infection by 77%. These results are obtained after a study at an advanced stage, which prompts the company to seek emergency approval. A senior executive at the pharmaceutical company said the prospect of offering a new treatment to prevent Covid-19 could position the UK drug maker as a provider of both vaccines and drugs to protect against the disease.

According to company representatives, the antibody drug AZD7442 prevents Covid-19. There have been no cases of serious Covid-19 or virus-related death after administration of AZD7442. The announcement of the results came after another top executive, Ruud Dobber, said last month that various vaccination surgery options that stem from a collaboration with Oxford University were being examined. “When we talked about the vaccine decisions, of course we said we wanted to see the results of 7442 as well,” an official told Reuters.

The first delivered two molecules against Covid

“No other company has supplied two molecules against SARS-CoV2. It certainly helps us position ourselves on Covid, ”he added. While several Covid-19 vaccines have been invented, tested, and deployed at an unusually fast rate, the development of reliable antibodies and other therapies has been slower, with more mixed results. Recently, however, antibody treatments have raised hopes as valuable tools in combating severe cases and reducing deaths.

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