Asymptomatic people can develop severe sequelae later –

The novel coronavirus pandemic continues to enjoy particular attention from scientists. Thanks to his visit to a radio station in Guadeloupe that Wednesday, Dr. Emmanuel Gordien, virologist from Guadeloupe, head of the virology department at Avicenne Hospital in Bobigny, on a study carried out on patients with Covid-19 who showed no symptoms.

The survey, which was only recently conducted in the US, estimates the number of these Covid-19 patients without symptoms at around 45%. The study particularly highlights the danger that awaits these patients who do not show symptoms like the others. The asymptomatic, as they are called, would have serious consequences that would not be recognized until several weeks after they were infected.

No details on the developed pathologies

“So far, scientists have not been able to determine how long asymptomatic people can have side effects after a Covid 19 disease. They also do not know exactly what types of pathologies they can develop. “, The virologist from Guadeloupe wanted to clarify. He points out that further research will make it possible to identify side effects and, if possible, carry out a prevention campaign to protect the population.

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