Athens applies vaccination requirements in the health sector |

Greece follows the French example and introduces compulsory vaccination for all workers in the health sector. The government does not want to wait for the court decision.

Athens (dpa) – The Greek government is insisting on the announcement of compulsory vaccination for the health sector from Wednesday. The law will apply without restriction from September 1, Greek government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou confirmed at a press conference on Monday.

Previously, a division of the Greek administrative court had rejected more than 100 requests from doctors and hospital authorities. They had called for the law to be frozen until Greece’s highest court rules.

The law provides that healthcare workers who are still not vaccinated on Wednesday will be released from their jobs without pay. Previously, the unions had called for at least the postponement of compulsory vaccination. The health sector itself has also come under criticism. Among other things, there are fears that clinics could be understaffed if all unvaccinated people are systematically released. The Greek health authority assumes that currently around 20,000 employees, or about 20 percent of all employees in the sector, have not been vaccinated against Corona or have recovered from Covid 19 disease.

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