Attack on the Capitol | Two men plead guilty to attacking a police officer

(Washington) A former mixed martial arts practitioner first pleaded guilty on Friday to assaulting a police officer in the violent attack on the Capitol in Washington by supporters of Donald Trump.

Posted on Aug 6, 2021 at 4:13 pm Updated at 5:26 pm

Scott Fairlamb, 44, faces up to a little over four years in prison for participating in the attack on Congressional Headquarters when MPs gathered there to certify Joe Biden’s victory over the Republican billionaire in the 2020 presidential election.

Among the more than 570 arrested since then, the owner of a sports hall, whose brother is responsible for the security of American personalities (“Secret Service”), was the first to plead guilty to attacking a police officer.

Video from January 6 shows him screaming and blocking the path of a police officer while swinging a retractable baton. He asks the “patriots” to disarm the policeman and force them to enter the building.

Scott Fairlamb also pleaded guilty to obstructing the work of Congress.

His verdict will be announced on September 27th.

He could theoretically risk up to 20 years in prison, but the lack of a reputable file and the criteria applied in his case tend to indicate a little more than four years at most, although the judge might decide otherwise.

A second man, Devlyn Thompson, also pleaded guilty later Friday to assaulting a police officer.

On January 6th, he was in a group that had thrown projectiles at agents and removed their shields.

He, too, faces a maximum sentence of twenty years in prison, which should come close to that of Mr. Fairlamb.

The US Department of Justice announced Friday that 570 people had been arrested for their involvement in the Capitol Hill attack.

Most are charged with minor charges, including charges of illegally entering the Capitol, but more than 170 are charged with more serious offenses.

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