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Stuttgart / Berlin (dpa) – The Greens come under heavy criticism in the federal election campaign due to the first national reporting platform for the investigation of tax evaders in Green-ruled Baden-Württemberg.

The Union, the FDP and the AfD on Wednesday accused the Greens of using the Internet “tax pillory” to ensure that people denounce their neighbors. The CDU and CSU have warned that something like this could also threaten the whole country if the Greens enter a federal government.

Baden-Württemberg Finance Minister Danyal Bayaz (Greens) strongly rejected the allegations. “Tax evasion is a slap in the face for those who pay their taxes honestly.” Anonymous reports have been possible so far, by letter or telephone, and this is no different in other federal states. “In 2021, it should also go live,” said the minister for the green-black coalition in the southwest.

CSU Secretary General Markus Blume tweeted that tax evaders must be stopped. But instead of worrying about the big ones, the Greens wanted to “encourage denunciation and sow distrust among neighbors. What else should you be prepared for when the Greens come to power? He asked.

Union parliamentary group MP Thorsten Frei warned: “This already shows where the journey would go with the red-green-red government responsibility.” Deputy FDP Wolfgang Kubicki said “Bild”: “This portal shows us what threatens if the Greens put their moral ideas above law and order and pour them into state action and that the CDU does not oppose anything. “

Bayaz objected and said tax evasion costs Germany around 50 billion euros per year. The new information portal is only a “complementary instrument in the fight for more tax justice”. Regarding the functionality of the platform, the Greens said: “Of course the reports have to be well founded, otherwise they will not be dealt with by the tax investigators in the first place. A simple note is expressly not sufficient. “The Greens assured:” No one has to fear that in the future tax investigators will see the door simply because the neighbor has blackened it. There are also relevant cases of tax evasion. “

Transparency protects the greens

The deputy chairman of the FDP parliamentary group in the Bundestag and chairman of the Baden-Württemberg regional association, Michael Theurer, said “Bild”: “This kind of bloc-keeper mentality changes our society for the worse.” Instead, we finally need more tax investigators and effective oversight of international corporations. AfD parliamentary group leader Bernd Gögel said: “The minister’s plans create a climate of mistrust. Instead of treating the taxpayer, who finances the state apparatus, with last-class methods, Bayaz should think about spending cuts. “

The Greens were supported by Transparency Germany: “Terms like ‘denounce’ and ‘block supervision’ are absolutely irrelevant. The denunciation concerns indications of violations which harm the general public and whose detection is in the interest of society, ”explained Louisa Schloussen, whistleblower expert at Transparency. “Contrary to popular belief, scientific studies and practical experience clearly show that deliberate false reports (” whistleblowers “) rarely occur and are not a problem.”

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