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The approval of cannabis is also the subject of intense political debate. The Green Chancellor candidate Baerbock also has an opinion.

Kiel (dpa) – Green chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock has spoken out in favor of a controlled release of cannabis. “Yes, we want to release cannabis, of course controlled, just like you do with alcohol,” Baerbock said at a campaign event for his party in Kiel.

She justified this by the abundance of legal proceedings relating to cannabis, which would later be interrupted anyway. Police officers and prosecutors are already massively overworked, Baerbock said. She spoke of a huge waste of time. Therefore, cannabis should be released in a controlled manner for safety reasons only.

Federal Commissioner for Drugs Daniela Ludwig had once again spoken out in favor of no longer pursuing possession of at least small quantities uniformly in Germany, but of calling it an administrative offense. It would only mean fines, but no more jail time. “In my opinion, a limit of six grams would be acceptable – nationally,” the CSU politician told “Editorial Network Germany”.

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