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Belgian intelligence services have warned of the risk of spying on three Chinese smartphone brands, media such as L’Echo reported. State Security Spokesperson Ingrid Van Daele, intelligence services wish to draw consumers’ attention to the possible threat of espionage when used, even if no specific cases have been identified.

“Therefore, we advise you to be vigilant,” Van Daele said. The media also quoted Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne as saying in response to a question from a parliamentarian that there is “a deep and systematic interaction between these companies and the Chinese state.” According to Ms Van Daele, “In addition to the confusion between these companies and the Chinese authorities, other countries (namely the Netherlands and the United States) have already raised concerns about Chinese telecommunications companies and the risks in terms of privacy and national security. ”.

Compliance with all local laws and regulations.

The interdependence between these companies and their government’s intelligence and security services is enshrined in national law, Van Daele said. “For example, China’s national intelligence law obliges all Chinese companies to collaborate with intelligence services,” he explained. There was no immediate reaction from OnePlus and Xiaomi. However, Belgian Oppo spokesman Dries Cludts said the company is active in more than 40 countries around the world and maintains positive relationships with governments and policy makers in the countries where it has a presence. “We work in accordance with all local laws and regulations,” he said.

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