Benin calls on French specialists –

Instead of being evacuated to France to benefit from heart surgery, a dozen Beninese patients were operated on in Cotonou at the National University Hospital Center (CNHU) Hubert Koutoukou Maga. These operations were performed by French cardiac surgery specialists on a mission to Benin, according to the Les Pharaons website. Affected patients had open heart surgery for various types of heart disease. According to the head of the French cardiac surgery mission, most of the patients suffered from “rheumatic valve disease”.

“These are heart conditions that are secondary to battery infection and cause what is known as rheumatic fever,” he said. The cardiac surgery team also successfully operated on two congenital anomalies that correspond to anatomical anomalies, says the operations manager.

Open heart surgery on a dozen patients

He said he traveled to Cotonou with a team that is able to care for the sick as Benin does not have cardiac surgeons. However, the mission benefited from the support of anesthesiologists, cardiologists and the staff of the operating rooms and the resuscitation of the CNHU-HKM. As a reminder, this is the second time that French cardiac surgeons have set foot on Benin soil in the past few months. You have successfully operated on ten heart patients in 5 days.

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