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For the first time since the start of the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in Benin, Health Minister Benjamin Hounkpatin spoke on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 about the progress of the operation. Benin has actually had cases of side effects. However, the minister pointed out that these cases are not serious. He assured that the vaccines used in the campaign offer health security.

Benin, like many other countries in Africa and around the world, started the COVID-19 vaccination campaign a few weeks ago. And Benin citizens continue to worry about the side effects of the vaccines used in Benin. In a media release on Tuesday, May 18, 202, Health Minister Benjamin Hounkpatin made some clarifications. According to him, Benin has not seen any major cases of side effects since the start of this campaign. “We had slight side effects overall,” said the minister.

He explains, “We have had some minor side effects that pass, either a little flu or a headache, a bit of a fever”. Benjamin Hounkpatin states that “only one case of a moderate side effect” was registered. According to him, the person was immediately admitted to the National Hospital and University Center Hubert Koutoukou Maga (CNHU-HKM). And after the investigation, the committee of experts “completely ruled out responsibility for the vaccine”. The minister also spoke about “immune escape”. According to him, there is currently no study by any scientific authority or even the WHO on the matter.

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