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Election Sunday had turned into a day of chaos in Berlin. Returning officer Michaelis has already made her office available. The Senate relies on external experts to analyze the breakdowns.

Berlin (dpa) – About a week and a half after Sunday’s elections, which were overshadowed by numerous problems, the Berlin Senate fired Petra Michaelis, state electoral officer. He granted his request on Tuesday. Michaelis had already made his office available the week before.

On behalf of the Senate, Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (SPD) thanked Michaelis for more than ten years in office. The Senate also paid tribute to him for having assumed his responsibilities in relation to the circumstances of the recent election. The layoff will take effect at the end of October 14. On this day, the state electoral committee wants to determine the official final result of the election to the House of Representatives with Michaelis.

The Senate relies on external experts

Meanwhile, the Berlin Senate wants to bring in outside experts to deal with organizational issues and breakdowns. It is a question of evaluating the events and analyzing “what must change in the future”, as announced Tuesday the senator of Finances Matthias Kollatz (SPD) after a meeting of the Senate. Details and names have yet to be determined.

First of all, we would have to wait for the results of the inventory in progress by the responsible bodies at district and state level. The Senate does not yet have a full picture here. Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) announced at the Senate meeting that only seven of Berlin’s twelve districts had submitted their reports.

In the elections to the Bundestag, House of Representatives and District Councils on September 26, long lines had formed all day in front of many polling stations. In some cases, voters voted long after the bars officially closed. After polling day, reports piled up regarding missing or incorrect ballots, possible counting and other incidents. Michaelis himself again expressed his regret in a written statement.

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