Biden in New York to see the effects of Storm Ida. to eat

(New York) Joe Biden arrived in New York late Tuesday morning to review the damage caused by deadly Storm Ida, which is pushing gigantic investments to tackle climate change.

Posted on Sep 7, 2021 at 11:43 am

The US President initially took the helicopter on a visit to New Jersey. He then has to return to New York and go to the Queens borough.

His spokeswoman Jen Psaki reiterated an issue that was close to the president’s heart during a briefing aboard Air Force One, arguing that extreme weather events “affect not just Democratic communities or Republican communities, but every country. ”

She spoke of “the enormous humanitarian impact”, but also “of the enormous economic impact” of these disasters.

In the devastating floods on Wednesday evening, 47 people died and caused extensive damage in the megalopolis and its region.

The images of the New York subway hit by torrential rains have gone around the world.

Joe Biden had already traveled to Louisiana last Friday, the first US state to be devastated by Ida, which at the time had the force of a hurricane.

The Democratic President did not underline the urgency of the US to invest heavily in the face of climate change, particularly in its aging infrastructure.

Joe Biden has launched two major investment programs, one in infrastructure (roads, bridges, electricity) and the other in social benefits (education, health, etc.) totaling up to $ 5 trillion.

They have yet to be adopted by the American Congress, staging a difficult balance between the interests of certain elected representatives of the Republican opposition, the demands of the far left of the Democratic Party, and the concerns of its own elected centrists when Camp faced the amount of planned spending.

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