Biontech to seek approval for corona vaccine for children in weeks |

Mainz (dpa) – Biontech wants to seek approval for its corona vaccine for children aged five to eleven in the coming weeks. To this end, the results of a study would be presented to authorities around the world, “including here in Europe,” medical director and co-founder of Biontech Özlem Türeci told “Spiegel”. “We are already preparing for production. The vaccine is the same, but less dosed and there is less need to refuel. “

According to Biontech, the results of the study are available and should only be processed for the approval authorities. “It looks good, everything is going according to plan,” said Biontech boss Ugur Şahin the “Spiegel”. By the end of the year, data from the study on young children aged six months and older is also expected.

At the same time, the two founders of Biontech urge everyone to do everything possible to convince the undecided to get vaccinated in the coming weeks. “As a company, we still have about 60 days to avoid a harsh winter,” Ahin said. “We need to do what we can to mobilize as many people as possible during these two months.”

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