Boni Yayi proposes “planetary vaccination” for three years –

Former Beninese head of state Thomas Boni YAYI recognizes and recognizes the remarkable efforts of the international community in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The former President of the West African Development Bank announced this on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 on his Facebook page. The banker suggests that the World Health Organization make vaccinations compulsory for three years.

According to former President of the Republic of Benin, Boni YAYI, “Efforts must continue to correct the unsustainable imbalance between the West and low-income countries in access to vaccination against COVID-19”. The divide between Africa and the other continents shows the expiration date of 15 million doses of the vaccine that was destroyed in the United States.

According to Boni Yayi, in addition to barrier gestures, strong decisions must be made to use the only effective remedy against the virus: the vaccine. In addition, the former tenant of the marina calls on the World Health Organization to “propose mandatory planetary vaccination, the aim of which may be to ensure the health of our global village.

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