Breakdowns in Berlin: the returning officer promises clarification |

Berlin (dpa) – Besides the election result, Berlin politics are expected to deal with a second topic in the coming days: the series of breakdowns at polling stations.

While the federal returning officer had already requested a “detailed report” from the regional returning officer, the latter promised clarification: there must be an inventory of the processes in the polling stations and the question of whether there is has had individual cases, said regional returning officer Petra Michaelis of the German news agency. “If something clearly went wrong, I will suffer the consequences as well.” A press conference in the morning at the Rotes Rathaus with Michaelis is therefore eagerly awaited.

Long waiting times and missing ballots

During the elections in Berlin, there were significant delays at some polling stations. Some Berliners voted until 8 p.m. – after more than two hours of waiting. The reason was apparently the lack of ballots. In some polling stations, the ballots for the internal elections of the districts of Friedrichshain / Kreuzberg and Charlottenburg / Wilmersdorf were exchanged. The affected polling stations had to temporarily close until the correct ballots were available.

Politicians have asked for clarification on the blackouts. Green candidate Bettina Jarasch said it was necessary to ensure that everyone who wanted to vote could vote. You expect the responsible Home Secretary to initiate this.

CDU Secretary General Stefan Evers spoke on the evening of a chaotic election. “If many voters are still queuing at the polling station while the first forecasts are made on the screen, the ballot is no longer immune to interference.”

Returning officer: no electoral errors

State Returning Officer Michaelis dismissed that fear at RBB that evening. “I guess the people in the line could still vote without being influenced and there weren’t any voting errors.”

The reasons for the outages are currently unclear. Michaelis pointed out that enough ballots had been ordered. She referred to the four parallel votes in Sunday’s election. In addition, the Berlin Marathon was held across the city. “You have to be wondering if he was that smart to do it all in one day,” Michaelis said.

The marathon organizers had previously denied responsibility for the problems. “As the organizer of the BMW Berlin Marathon, we have kept all our commitments to the institutions,” said Jürgen Lock, managing director of the organizer of the SSC Events marathon, according to the announcement.

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