Bruce Willis in a commercial without reproducing it

It is now possible to appear in videos without actually participating in the sessions. The famous American actor Bruce Willis takes advantage of this technology. He appears in a Russian advertisement thanks to this technology without ever participating in the filming of the video. The process called deepfake is an artificial intelligence-based audio or video synthesis technique.

The actor has signed up to various Russian production structures for the use of his image in these types of videos. According to information reported by “Ing”, the mobile phone provider MegaFon has already been involved in this type of exercise. He used the actor’s image in “Crystal Trap.” The company would still have paid the actor to use his image. The amount of this stamp is estimated at 1 or 2 million dollars.

Facial Creation Technology

“The image of the character of [Bruce Willis] in Crystal Trap […] It will be created with the help of facial creation technology, based on a neural network of algorithms. To make this happen, engineers at the Deepcake studio have selected a large volume of photos and videos of the star. They had 34,000 pieces of content that used the neural network to create an image of the Bruce Willis character, “tried to explain Vasili Bolshakov, director of communications and marketing of the company.

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