Buy American, Infrastructure | Joe Biden is advancing his business agenda

(Macungie, Pennsylvania) The White House on Wednesday announced measures to encourage US companies to do business in public procurement, and Joe Biden said he was “confident” about the impending adoption of a broad infrastructure program that is vital to its economic agenda Meaning is.

Posted on Jul 28, 2021 at 3:36 pm

“I’m confident,” said the US president when asked about his $ 1 trillion plan while visiting a Mack truck factory in Pennsylvania.

Bridges and roads, internet and aqueducts

In particular, this program is intended to finance bridges, roads, pipelines and internet networks.

So far blocked by difficult negotiations, necessary by the very limited parliamentary room for maneuver of the Democrats, the project seemed to be making headway.

The chairman of the Democratic majority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, reported “good progress” on Wednesday and estimated that a first procedural vote on the infrastructure program could take place “from this evening”.

This is one of the two pillars of the great economic and social program that Joe Biden has made the cornerstone of his mandate.

The American president also wants to pass a pharaonic program for social and environmental spending in the amount of 3500 billion dollars.

His administration also announced on Wednesday that it would tighten government procurement rules to favor US companies, another issue close to the heart of the US president, who is not very different from his predecessor Donald Trump on this point .

US content from federal purchases

The White House seeks dusting off a 1933 bill that would stipulate that all products purchased by the federal administration are “essentially” made in the United States – that is, 55% of the value of their ingredients were created on American soil.

Washington plans to increase this percentage immediately to 60% and later to 75% in order to prevent public money from flowing into mainly foreign-made goods.

Another measure: establishment of a preferential price list for certain products and components classified as strategic as well as products in the USA. The aim is to avoid future bottlenecks in imported goods such as medical equipment or computer components.

The US federal administration says it spends $ 600 billion annually on the purchase of goods and services, about half of which is on manufactured goods.

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