California | Eight people are missing after the Dixie Fire

(Los Angeles) California authorities were after the Dixie Fire, the devastating fire currently hitting the American West, and continued its insane onslaught on Saturday with no news from at least eight people.

Posted on Aug 7, 2021 at 3:19 pm

The gigantic fire, the third largest fire in California history, devastated shops and homes in the small town of Greenville this week.

Although no one has been injured in the fire, the Plumas County Sheriff’s office has received “reports of eight missing people,” he said.

Despite repeated evacuation orders from the authorities, some residents insisted on fighting the fire alone so as not to entrust their safety to strangers.


However, warmer weather should give the 5,000 firefighters fighting day and night against the flames, which are already bigger than the city of Los Angeles, some respite.

“Our units continue to operate around Silver Lake,” said Jake Cagle, a California fire officer, not far from the firefighters who rest between shifts.

The ongoing drought, which scientists believe to be related to climate change, has made the western United States particularly vulnerable to these very devastating fires.

And the Dixie Fire is now so big that it now creates its own climate, including its lightning bolts, making its trajectory even more uncertain.


A firefighter fights the fire near Greenville, California.

According to a preliminary investigation, the fall of a tree onto one of the thousands of power cables that demarcated the American landscape was the origin of the fire.

That power line is that of Pacific Gas & Company (PG&E), a private operator who is already guilty of causing the Camp Fire, a fire that nearly wiped the town of Paradise off the map and killed 86 people in 2018, only a few kilometers from here.

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