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The Union’s electoral campaign, including its main candidate Armin Laschet, is anything but fluid. Now a CDU prime minister demands: Laschet should put together a team he wants to rule with.

Düsseldorf (dpa) – After weak polls, Saarland Prime Minister Tobias Hans asked Union chancellor candidate Armin Laschet (both CDUs) to present a team of potential ministers.

“We must finally show what the Union stands for and with whom we want to shape the future of the country in addition to the candidate for chancellor”, said Hans of the “Rheinische Post”. In the current ministerial ranks and at the top of the Bundestag faction, there are “many capable minds” who are trusted to be responsible for the country. “I’m a fan of saying who is on a team and who is responsible for what issues before the election. I am sure it will now be launched. ”Laschet is under pressure about four weeks before the general election due to the poor results of the Union polls.

CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak lined up behind him and ruled out an exchange from the candidate for chancellor. “The question of the candidates has long been decided and we are now fighting together for our country so that it goes in the right direction. With Armin Laschet at the helm and in collaboration with the CSU. We want to win together, ”said Ziemiak of the“ Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung ”(Friday).

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