Children in reception centers are now taken into account –

Good news for the children at reception centers in Benin. You can now hope for adequate and free health care in accordance with the provisions of the Decree of November 6, 2012 on Norms and Standards for Child Reception and Protection Centers in Benin. Indeed, Mrs Véronique Tognifodé’s Ministry of Social Affairs launched an action to enroll her. This operation takes place as part of the expansion of the project “Insurance to strengthen human capital (Arch)”.

In short, they will be taken into account in this project by the Benin government. In order to facilitate this enrollment, the directors and providers of child reception and protection centers (Kap) are asked to contact the social support centers in their administrative and geographical area in order to register their center. The deadline granted to them runs from tomorrow, Tuesday, September 7th to Friday, October 8th, 2021.

Quality health care

Once these steps are taken, the National Social Protection Agency (Anps) will therefore have a free hand in planning the collection of data from each vulnerable child residing in these capes and the distribution of biometric cards, the Ministry of Economy said in a press release. social networks that provide information. These children in the reception centers will therefore benefit from the health insurance component of the Arch, which gives them the right to high quality health care.

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