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China develops its space helicopter after the US.

After the United States, China has also managed to design a drone that can be active on the red planet. In fact, the information was announced by the Chinese Center for Space Sciences. The machine would be almost identical to the one designed by NASA and which has been on Mars for six months. The Chinese device, which is called “Cruising Drone on Mars”, has the same characteristics as Ingenuity, the American device.

A few years ago, China had thought about integrating this type of device in the Tianwen-1 mission. The difference between American planes is that the Chinese-designed device could be equipped with a camera but also with a miniature spectrometer. This would have the merit of allowing geological studies according to the details provided by the National Center for Space Sciences.

The mission of the ingenuity goes well

At the moment, no details have been given about the mission to which the aircraft will be assigned. The imminent mission is to return samples similar to the Mars Sample Return program developed by NASA and the European Space Agency. Remember that the NASA helicopter on Mars Ingenuity is now on its twelfth flight. “Everything is going so well […] We are doing better than expected on the Martian surface, ”said a team member.

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