China eradicated malaria after decades of struggle

There is no longer malaria in China. While 30 million cases were identified each year in the 1940s, not a single case has been confirmed in four years today. Seventy years of tireless struggle against this disease, which, as we recall, is transmitted by mosquitoes. An announcement confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Big Boss, congratulated the Chinese people on having valiantly fought against and got rid of this disease. A complicated success, but the result of decades of work, proof that one can hope for a future without patients.

China eradicated malaria, WHO praises

The work is still long, however, with more than 400,000 registered deaths in 2019 for 229 million registered cases, 90% of which in Africa alone. Before China, El Salvador (2021), Algeria and Argentina (2019) as well as Paraguay and Uzbekistan (2018) were praised by the WHO for their work in the fight against so-called malaria.

In the 1950s, China addressed this social problem. Beijing began identifying the most vulnerable areas before the disease was tackled there with preventive treatments. The use of insecticides was also developed while the land eliminated areas that favored mosquito breeding.

A vaccine could see the light of day soon

In the late 1990s, efforts began to pay off with a decrease in the death rate by around 95%. If all goes well today, the danger of imported cases, especially from Laos or Vietnam, will continue to deter health authorities. However, a vaccine is being developed that, with a success rate of 77% to date, is the best anti-malaria vaccine ever made.

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