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Chinese engineers are said to be pushing a quite revolutionary new project in the field of transportation. In fact, it is a future high-speed train that will connect China with the United States. According to the characteristics of this structure, this will require the construction of 13,000 km of railway. Engineers will also have to build a tunnel of approximately 103 kilometers under the sea.

A $ 200 Billion Project

In fact, the jewel will facilitate trade between Siberia, Alaska, Canada and finally the United States. For the realization of this project, it is necessary for Chinese leaders to mobilize approximately 200 billion dollars. According to the forecasts that have been made, the commissioning of this structure will be effective in 2027. This announcement comes a few months after the project related to the development of a magnetic levitation train that can travel up to 620 km / h by the Chinese. scientists.

The Maglev, the fastest train

According to the information reported on this initiative, the goal is to connect Chinese cities more quickly with each other. The design of this train began in 2015 by the Chinese company CRRC. In January, a team of Chinese scientists in Chengdu, Sichuan province, unveiled this prototype. Called Maglev, the train runs only on a magnetically controlled air cushion.

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