China prepares to launch world-class reactor model

Beijing has confirmed that it has started building a completely new type of nuclear reactor. In fact, the latter will be easier to design. It is an SMR (Small Modular Reactors), the first of its kind, which should enter service in the coming months. The climax of an industry in full revival.

In fact, the nuclear sector is increasingly interested in the development of small modular reactors, simpler and faster to build but, above all, smaller. To date, nuclear reactors tend to grow more and more. Unfortunately, these new projects are quite expensive and complex.

China announces new reactor model

SMRs are small reactors whose power generally does not exceed 300 megawatts, while the larger conventional reactors reach 1000 megawatts. These simple-to-build reactors can be mass-produced before being transported directly to their future site of operation.

Half a million households affected

Easier to maneuver, they can be located in certain more isolated regions that have little or no infrastructure. Here, this new SMR reactor will be located on the island of Hainan, in the south of the country. The reactor will be rated at 125 megawatts and will supply electricity to no less than 526,000 homes.

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