China relaxes rules for the French

Filing a case at the Visa Center is a tedious process for foreigners from several countries around the world. But the French faced several difficulties in China over the past year. A situation that nationals of France on the way of the Covid-19 epidemic a year ago found to be more difficult because China had taken drastic immigration measures. In fact, China had reduced the number of international flight connections to avoid the increase in new patients and contamination.

Measures against Covid-19

However, it had also imposed the suspension of the validity of Chinese residence permits for foreigners, i.e. their entry into its territory. A new visa was absolutely necessary, which was given to the pool of applicants with a very low quota. A French Chinese residence permit holder who is once outside the territory of the Middle Kingdom could not return there without submitting a new visa application, which requires multiple operations and compliance with multiple criteria. In this way, some of them may have returned to France temporarily, unable to return to their usual occupations in Beijing, Shanghai or other cities like their families. An unusual situation for the French, but obviously vital for many of them who have been stranded since last year. In addition, within a few hours we experienced a rise in the price of airline tickets worth several thousand euros, which was an important economic activity for the players in these two countries.

Valid Chinese residence permit, but with a double negative result!

Given the success of the measures taken by the Chinese government to control the coronavirus epidemic throughout its territory around the world, the French who hold valid Chinese residence permits will be able to return to China on Friday 3rd September without a renewed application. The announcement was made by the Chinese authorities on September 2 and confirmed by the French authorities on September 3, 2021. On the other hand, despite these diplomatic easing, China is calling for warnings against health measures and against the importation of the virus by foreign travelers, negative results in both PCR and serological tests. These two tests must be done two days prior to boarding to be considered valid. Otherwise, the French will have to stay in their country.

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