China releases 22 billion CFA francs –

In 2016, the government of Patrice Talon started the broadband network densification project with the support of China. More than 4 years later, this project once again receives aid from the Middle Kingdom for the start of its second phase. In fact, the Chinese executive has granted a concessional loan of 22,000 million CFA francs to Benin. The signing of the framework agreement for this loan took place on Tuesday 14 September in Cotonou between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Benin, Aurélien Agbénonci, and the Chinese ambassador to Benin, Peng Jingtao.

The latter suggested that the funds will be used to start the second phase of the broadband network densification project. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, for his part, gave a little more detail about the use that will be made of the 22,000 million CFA francs. According to him, they will be used to set up a 484.1-kilometer fiber-optic backbone in Benin. This network will cover certain localities in Zou, Collines, Mono and northern Benin in particular.

“Making digital technology available to everyone in Benin”

There will also be a 204.8 kilometer metropolitan fiber optic network to provide fiber optic service to more than ten cities, including the fishing route. For the person in charge of Beninese diplomacy, this project “will also make it possible to connect the lake areas to the national fiber through beam technology with the sole objective of making digital available to everyone in the territory of Benin.”

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