China to send astronauts to its space station

This time it’s confirmed. In fact, China has revealed that this Thursday, at 9:22 am, three astronauts will be sent to its space station currently under construction. The latter will spend three months in origin around the Earth. Great news for Beijing, confirming its rise in the field of space conquest.

The three astronauts will take off from the Jiuquan base, in the Gobi desert (northwest). Information confirmed by the space agency in charge of manned flights (CMSA) during a first press conference. These three men will be aboard the Shenzhou-12, a Long March 2F rocket-powered ship.

Three astronauts sent by China into orbit

To date, the Chinese space station called Tianhe is in low Earth orbit, at an altitude of almost 350 kilometers. There, the three astronauts will have a lot to do. Between installation and maintenance, spacewalks, or even preparing the bases for upcoming missions, they’ll have a lot to do.

11 launches planned by Beijing

In total, 11 launches are planned for the period 2021 – 2022. These eleven launches will allow to send in situ, through four manned missions, several individuals whose mission will be to participate in the construction of the Chinese space station. For example, two new laboratory modules are expected.

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