China wants to oversee the development of artificial intelligence

During the past weekend, China published the rules that the different actors that will intervene in the field of artificial intelligence in the country must follow. According to the document published by the Ministry of Science and Technology, there are a total of six main guidelines for ethical AI. In fact, the Chinese ministry document is titled: “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Ethical Specifications.”

We will retain from these rules listed by the Chinese ministry that the goal is to keep humans above artificial intelligence systems. The other objective is that these systems are always at the service of man. Personal data must enjoy special protection and the fundamental interests of humanity must also be respected.

Illegal activities prohibited

Artificial intelligence systems should not participate in illegal activities or endanger “national security”, the document released by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China also indicates. According to the confidences made by Laurence Devillers, professor of AI and ethics at Sorbonne University, China is not yet exaggerating in this regulation. “China is doing no more than the rest to regulate AI. It just goes the other way, ”he analyzed.

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