Chinese army on maneuvers near Taiwan after “provocations”

(Beijing) China announced Tuesday that it had launched military air and sea exercises “near” the island of Taiwan, an operation presented in response to American and Taiwanese “provocations”.

Posted on 08/17/2021 at 7:37 am

These maneuvers come after the announcement of an American arms sale in Taipei and press articles showing the willingness of the Taiwanese authorities to attend Joe Biden’s “Democracy Summit”.

“The People’s Liberation Army has stationed warships, anti-submarine aircraft and fighter jets near sea and air spaces in the southwest and southeast of the island of Taiwan.” the Chinese army.

“The United States and Taiwan have been intensifying provocations recently,” he said, adding that the exercises are “a solemn response” to “foreign interference” and supporters of the territory’s independence.

The press release does not specify the number of soldiers, aircraft or ships mobilized for these maneuvers, nor the distance from the Taiwanese coast.

Taiwan has a population of 23 million and enjoys a democratic political system.

The territory has been ruled by a regime (the “Republic of China”) since 1945, which withdrew there after the Communist victory in mainland China in 1949 at the end of the Chinese civil war.

The “People’s Republic of China”, headed by the Communist Party and headquartered in Beijing, regards the island as part of its territory. It threatens violence in the event of a declaration of independence.

In early August, the US State Department gave the go-ahead for the first arms sale to Taiwan during the Biden era for $ 750 million.

The White House tenant also announced last week that it would bring foreign leaders together for a virtual “summit of democracy” in December – an announcement in the form of a challenge to China.

According to several Taiwanese media outlets, Taiwan would like to be invited. An initiative that could spark a new diplomatic crisis between China and America.

Beijing also attacked the Taiwanese and Lithuanian authorities after a “Taiwan Representative Office” – not “Taipei” – opened in Vilnius in July.

China sees this new formulation as an attempt to promote Taiwan’s independence. She called her ambassador back to Lithuania and the Lithuanian ambassador was told to leave Chinese territory.

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