Chinese Sinovac vaccine approved by WHO

A new Chinese vaccine against Covid-19 has been approved by global health authorities. It is, in fact, the Sinovac vaccine that has received emergency approval from the World Health Organization (WHO). According to a WHO statement, it can be given to people over the age of 18. In addition, Sinovac requires two doses to be taken two to four weeks apart.

An “easy to store” vaccine

Note that the newly approved vaccine will be integrated into the international Covax system, which is particularly aimed at disadvantaged countries that do not have large resources to procure vaccines. According to the WHO, one of the advantages of Sinovac is that it is “easy to store, therefore easy to manage and particularly suitable for countries with few resources”. Mariangela Simao, WHO deputy director-general in charge of access to medicines and health products, said the world needs vaccines to deal with Covid-19, citing “great inequalities around the world”.

57% for the prevention of symptomatic cases

It must be said that Sinovac’s effectiveness cannot be neglected. According to the WHO, hospital admissions and severe cases should be avoided 100%. In addition, 57% is used to prevent symptomatic cases. As a reminder, Sinovac is not the first WHO-approved vaccine against Covid-19. On May 7th, the UN organization approved the Sinopharm vaccine.

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