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Denmark had only recently lifted all corona restrictions – but with a significantly higher vaccination rate than there. A model also for Germany? No, think a majority.

Berlin (dpa) – Most Germans are opposed to an early end to all of Corona’s demands. In an online poll carried out by opinion research institute YouGov on behalf of the German news agency, 61% of those polled opposed an immediate lifting of all restrictions. On the other hand, 33% would be in favor.

Denmark recently lifted all corona restrictions with a 73% vaccination rate. “In Germany, around 62% of people have recently been fully vaccinated,” was the question. “Should all restrictions to fight the corona pandemic be lifted in Germany now?” “

In the question formulated by the dpa, a vaccination rate of 83 percent was given for Denmark. This figure relates to the Danish population aged 12 and over and is therefore not directly comparable to the figure given for Germany, which relates to the total population. According to YouGov, a bad referral may have affected response behavior. According to the institute, the results are consistent with the results of other surveys on the acceptance of corona measurements.

33% categorically rejected an immediate cancellation, 28% answered “rather no”. 19% are in favor of the repeal, 14% voted “rather yes”. The strongest opposition to the immediate end of all restrictions was found among the elderly.

According to the German Federal Ministry of Health, nearly 64% of people are now fully vaccinated against the corona virus.

The head of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Doctors, Andreas Gassen, has called for an end to all corona restrictions by October 30. The federal government rejected it.

“The debate on dropping all measures completely ignores the concerns of population groups that cannot be vaccinated, and in particular all children under the age of 12,” said the federal director general of the Association for child protection, Daniel Grein, from the Germany editorial network. (RND). “In any case, the concerns of children have received too little attention in the pandemic.” The current debate ties in with this experience. He deemed a “Freedom Day” too risky. “The long-term consequences of Covid disease – especially in children – are not yet known. That is why it is cynical to want to expose children to this risk in an uncontrolled way. “

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