Climate activists interrupt hunger strike – Scholz: I’m happy |

Berlin (dpa) – After weeks without food and finally also without cash, a climate activist and a partisan called off their hunger strike in Berlin on Saturday.

Previously, SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz had promised a public debate in the next four weeks on the climate emergency, tweeted 21-year-old Henning Jeschke. The SPD confirmed the information.

Jeschke had been on hunger strike with a group of young people since the end of August, his 24-year-old activist, Lea Bonasera, joined them later. While the others had meanwhile interrupted their hunger strike, both announced on Saturday that they would not drink either.

Without fluids, there is a risk of serious health consequences, including death, within days. Since the two hunger strikers were already weakened, critical conditions could have arisen much more quickly. According to supervisors, medical assistance was provided for such cases.

“I’m glad the attackers stop and drink and eat again,” Scholz tweeted. “Life comes first. I maintain my offer of maintenance after the election, I will adhere to it. “

The two had asked Scholz to declare a climate emergency. Scholz had called for the action to be canceled and offered to speak to them after the election. This offer was renewed on Saturday.

“In this electoral campaign, which concerns everything, people still claim that everything could continue like that”, had justified Jeschke, not wanting to drink any more. The 21-year-old criticized Scholz who couldn’t even say a climate emergency. “We do not accept the murderous attitude towards the younger generation.” Bonasera had said: “I am not ready for political ignorance to prevail over what is important.

According to corroborating reports, Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock was in the camp on Thursday and spoke to the young people who had ended the hunger strike.

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