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Without the two biggest producers of carbon dioxide, China and the United States, the climate cannot be saved. The two rival powers are initially fighting over completely different things – the world has to wait.

Tianjin (dpa) – From Beijing’s perspective, cooperation between China and the United States in tackling climate change requires an improvement in the strained relations between the two countries.

“A major strategic miscalculation on the part of the United States has led to a sudden deterioration in relations in recent years,” Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Thursday, according to official information, in a video chat on Thursday. watch with US Climate Commissioner John Kerry, who was in China for the second time for five months.

The United States should show a concession, said Wang Yi, “The ball is in the American field. The US side should stop seeing China as “a threat and a rival”. They should also refrain from “containing and suppressing China anywhere in the world.” The US side likes to describe cooperation with China in combating climate change as an “oasis” in relations, but it cannot last long, Wang Yi said.

Counsel the two biggest climate delinquents

Kerry urged China, the world’s largest producer of harmful greenhouse gases, to “take further action to reduce emissions.” The US State Department quoted him as saying that the climate crisis must be approached “with all the seriousness and urgency necessary”. The United States is the second largest producer of carbon dioxide after China, so the two largest economies have a special role to play in the fight against global warming.

In China, Kerry, who had previously visited Japan, also wants to prepare for the Glasgow climate summit in November in conversation with her Chinese counterpart Xie Zhenhua. Since the Chinese capital is particularly protected from the pandemic and since Kerry, unlike normal travelers, did not undergo three weeks of quarantine upon arrival, his talks with Xi Zhenhua in Tianjin take place around an hour and a half in Beijing car. The last time the US climate commissioner was in Shanghai was in April.

Despite the tension, Kerry was well received by the Chinese side. Kerry also spoke with Vice Premier Han Zheng on video Thursday. During the conversation, the US Climate Commissioner stressed that the climate crisis cannot be resolved without China, which produces 27% of global emissions. “Without significant efforts on the part of the People’s Republic of China to reduce, we cannot achieve the goal of limiting warming to 1.5%,” the US State Department said, citing.

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