Climate summit: will the Australian Prime Minister attend? |

Australia has one of the highest per capita CO2 emissions, and Prime Minister Morrison promotes the coal industry. Now he may also want to stay away from the UN climate summit.

Sydney (AP) – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison may not want to personally attend the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland. “We haven’t made a final decision yet,” Morrison told The West Australian newspaper.

The twelve-day conference in November is expected to be the most important meeting since the 2015 Paris Climate Summit. Top politicians around the world have agreed, including US President Joe Biden.

Australia has one of the highest per capita CO2 emissions and is one of the world’s largest coal exporters. The government has so far rejected a commitment to greenhouse neutrality by 2050. “I have to focus on things here and on Covid-19,” Morrison said. We did not yet know who could represent him.

UN calls for climate protection

The United Nations recently declared global warming to be on a catastrophic path. According to a UN report, a warming of 2.7 degrees is currently expected by 2100 – the Paris climate agreement, however, plans to limit the increase to a maximum of 1.5 degrees if possible. To achieve this goal, we would have to redouble our efforts to protect the climate, urged UN Secretary General António Guterres.

Conservative Morrison is a promoter of the coal industry. As more countries engage in the fight against global warming, Australia continues to send signals that the country wants to conserve fossil fuels for the long term. At the same time, hardly any other country has suffered as much from the consequences of global warming as Australia in recent years: droughts, heatwaves, flooding and coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef are repeating themselves. From August 2019 to March 2020, devastating bushfires devastated more than twelve million hectares of land.

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