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Frank Hommel on Barbara Klepsch’s new role in the CDU election campaign

What does a future team actually do? The answer to this question is as soft as it is in this Union electoral campaign. “There is a lot to do in the next decade of modernization,” the press release says succinctly. This is why Armin Laschet presented his future team in Berlin. The message that will be sent initially is the following: The candidate for chancellor alone is not enough to mobilize voters for the Union.

This should now be done by the members of the future team. But how? Should they, since electoral programs have been printed for a long time, give impulses linked to the content? Should they accompany Laschet to the events of the electoral campaign? Are you going to DIY talk shows, stand out with your own ideas? Are they even at the top of the list if Laschet does indeed become Chancellor and it is time to distribute the posts?

The latter in particular is unlikely, except in the case of Friedrich Merz. Who is allowed to divide which office depends on coalition agreements and party decorum. There are reasons why it’s called the Future Team and not the Shadow Cabinet. The political situation is far too confusing to make personal promises.

In this regard, it is not clear what role the Saxon Minister of Culture, Barbara Klepsch, will be able to play in national politics. In the future team, she should represent issues of social affairs and equal living conditions. Barbara Klepsch had a respectable time as mayor of Annaberg-Buchholz. She lost her post as Minister of Social Affairs in Dresden during the formation of the Kenyan coalition in Saxony. Many saw the new post of Minister of State for Culture and Tourism as a career break. She is “a voice that knows what makes East Germany vibrate,” says Laschet de Klepsch.

So far, this voice has hardly been heard beyond the borders of the Free State. It’s hard to imagine Barbara Klepsch being the personality with which the CDU trains the people of the East. Especially not if no one knows what future such a future team will have after the elections.

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