Controversy in Washington | Did the Americans give the Taliban names of Afghans at risk?

(Washington) Has the United States shared lists of names of Americans or Afghans who are “at risk” with the Taliban to facilitate their evacuation? This hypothesis, not really disputed by Joe Biden, made his opponents cry out in Washington on Friday.

Posted on Aug 27, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.

The controversy arose from an article on the Politico website that reported Thursday that US officials in Kabul had given the Taliban “a list of the names of US citizens” and “Afghan allies” to allow entry enable.

When asked during his press conference on Thursday, the American president seemed to recognize this possibility.

I can’t tell you for sure if there really was a list of names. It is possible, but I am not aware of it. This does not mean that it did not take place, that we could have said “Here are the names of 12 people who are coming, let them in”. It is entirely possible.

President Joe Biden

He even directly confirmed that the US military had sometimes “contacted its military counterparts within the Taliban to tell them, for example, ‘This bus is coming with so many people or with one or more people on board'” “.

“Never in the history of this country would we have thought that our own government could name the Taliban Americans,” said the Republican leader in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, outraged on Friday in front of the press.

He criticized the Democratic President for not having “created the conditions for a safe evacuation”. Others have even accused the government of providing the Taliban with “lists of people to be killed” referring to Afghans who are considered vulnerable by the new Islamist masters of Kabul because of their cooperation with the United States.

Coordination necessary?

In the face of the outcry, US officials on Friday worked to defend a substantial “coordination” with the Taliban controlling airport access to conduct the evacuations.

“Right now it is very important to ensure on the ground that the Taliban who operate these roadblocks know who is coming, what documents they should have when people approach the roadblocks,” move in as soon as possible, “said General Hank Taylor told reporters.

US State Department officials assure them that the notion of “lists of names” delivered to the Taliban is wrong. On the other hand, they mention the possibility of exchanging information on vehicles or convoys, such as

According to these officials, this coordination has borne fruit in facilitating the evacuation of tens of thousands of people since mid-August.

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